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Building Their Belief

We were on our way home from a heavy dose of 95%-erism (it’s a word to me) and had just left a local establishment. They were featuring a cast member from a very popular network reality show (from a music station we won’t mention). Who’s reality you ask? 95%! It grows stranger and stranger to me when I see such phenomenon. Is it due to the onslaught of age (father time has recently blessed me with my first grey hair) or has all of the reading, listening and studying really starting to take hold? As I watched many a young lady jockey for position to rub all over this quasi celebrity like cats in heat, it slapped me in the face (or maybe that was the bass from the loud speaker in my ear)!  I even watched as 1 of these groupies took the liberty of pushing another out of her way to get a photo with super stud. It was time. Time for what you ask? Time to leave!

We had made the trip in support of a dear friend who has been a blessing in my beautiful, amazing and tremendously supportive girlfriends life (and I still love beer). It was her graduation party and we would not miss it for the world. During the evening I had engaged in a fairly deep conversation with her husband about God and education (perfect for the bar) and had come to love listening to this well read young man’s outlook. It had been noted by several parties that we would fall of the face of the planet during social events to discuss the events of the day (Socrates I am not). It was my favorite part of any social gathering; listening to all the different thoughts that people have and will share freely. A few are great, they help me grow and develop new perspective, but the rest come at a cost. It’s not to say there bad, just different.

As we are driving home we were listening to an audio of 1 of my favorite author’s (Chris Brady). It’s a habit that I have learned to love over the last 9 months. I devour them! When they arrive in the mail every other week it’s like Christmas. This specific section of the talk was on building belief into others and it slapped me in the face again (no bass this time). “It’s not that they are better than they are, it’s actually that they are as good as they think they could be”. I swear the heavens opened up and dropped a huge one on me. I was listening to it a 2x speed so I was frantically trying to back it up a listen again, again, again, it was such sweet music. “They should finally be seeing themselves as good as you see them”. That is everything, it’s the answer.

Build belief in a man’s heart and he can en dour, overcome, rise, conquer and create anything his heart desires. If he has a big enough desire and is willing to put faith into action the price will not matter. It will come at a cost, and it will not be free, but it is our very nature to persevere. It was and I believe still is the very backbone of our country. I am here in the service of others, them, they, those people, whoever you are. It’s time for me to believe in my faith in action and help lift the men around me to “be as good as they think they can be”.


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